The factory is located on a privately owned plot of land with a total area of 55,000 sq.m., building installations of 10,000 sq.m. and metal tanks of 8,000 sq.m. all along Spercheios River at the 204th km, Athens- Lamia, national road, with brut pomace oil mill activity,

Consisting of an olive pomace drying line and extraction using hexane, receiving olive pomaces from the wider region of central Greece, Thessaly, Central Greece, Macedonia, etc.

The operation of a brut pomace oil mill completes the cycle of olive production and its existence is necessary for the processing of by-products from the processing of olives – olive oil production.



The factory includes 3 different functions.


1) Brut pomace oil mill which processes the olive pomaces and produces brut pomace oil and brut pomace wood.

It includes:

  1. Drying section of fresh olive pomaces, with a total capacity of 700 tn / 24-hours in 60% fresh olive pomace of medium humidity to be processed. This section includes four (4) dryers, which operate in parallel, with a capacity of 150, 150, 200 and 200 tn / 24-hours respectively in a fresh core of medium humidity of 60% to be processed. In the dryers, the large amount of water contained in the olive pomace evaporates, which makes it possible to remove the oil.
  2. Extraction (distillation) of dry olive pomaces and storage of crude (brut) pomace oil, processing capacity 200 tn / 24-hour in dry pomace, consisting of a series of 10 extractors, capacity each 20 tn / 24-hour in dry pomace.

Distillation of brut pomace oil is a process similar to the production of most seed oils. Pure hexane (C6H14) is used as the solvent, which literally “rinses” the oil through the oil pomace. The oil-hexane mixture is then advanced into special distillation tanks, where the two components are completely separated. After this stage, the brut pomace oil is ready for storage. This product has a dark green or brown color and is used mainly in soap making, as well as for eating after special treatment (refining).


2) Seed oil mill for the processing of cotton seed for production of respectively crude seed oil (cotton oil) and cottonseed cake.

Its capacity is 120 tn / d in cotton seed to be processed. The seed oil mill has the possibility of processing sunflower seeds, for the production of raw sunflower oil and sunflower flour, with a capacity of 250 tn / d in sunflower seeds for processing. However, this activity is carried out occasionally, depending on market trends.

The operation of the factory is seasonal. The operating period of the brut pomace oil mill (olive pomace processing) usually lasts about 150 days / year, approximately from the beginning of November to the end of March each year with its peak period usuallyfrom 1 December to 31 January. The operation period of the seed mill lasts from the beginning of November until the end of February each year.


– Processing of 700 tons / day of fresh olive pomaces

– Processing of 120 tons / day of cotton seed

– Processing of 250tons / day of fresh sunflower seeds.


3) Trade of olive oils.

Service of olive mills and producers, purchase of olive oils in cash and transport by privately owned vehicles (food tanks). Large storage space and then channeling to the domestic or international market. (Italy, Spain etc.)

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